Hotel Booking Without The BS.

Hotel Booking…Without the BS.We will drive direct bookings to your property 100% commission free...and it's FREE to join. All we ask of our partner: Reward our premium members for booking direct. You can choose: a unique members only perks of your design (ex. 25% off spa packages, or free bike rental, etc.), a discount booking code, or a discount url links for booking.

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A business model where everyone wins.

Do you also want to be part of the movement? It’s FREE to join The Hotel Project.

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Frequently Asked QuestionsYou've got questions, we've got answers.

How much does it Cost?

It’s 100% free. You just have to provide perks and benefits to our premium members.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, but it just says that you can cancel at anytime with no strings attached 🙂

What about my rate parity agreements with other booking websites?

No worries about that. We don’t share any discount links, codes, or perks with the public. Only our premium members will be able to see that info when they’re logged in.

Will I get customer data?

We send people to book direct with you so you’ll get whatever details they share with you while booking on your website.

Do I have to offer a discount?

You do not need to offer discounted booking but you can offer a discount booking url or discount code if you like. Only premium members see the premium redemption instructions so you do not need to worry about rate parity issues.

You are required to offer at least $40 dollars in perks to our members though for each property you have listed.

What perks are other hotels offering?

It’s completely up to you what you offer but you must have at least $25 in benefits for our premium members. Here are some of the perks you can offer:

  • Discounted Booking Rates
  • Free Room Upgrades
  • Free perks: Free bike rentals, Discounts on restaurant bills, Free drinks at the bar, free valet parking, Bottle of champagne upon arrival, Free Breakfast, late checkout, premium wifi, etc.
How are you growing your customer base?

In addition to all the marketing and PR work we do for The Hotel Project, we are placing hotel recommendations directly in each flight that we share out to our audience members we have on Dollar Flight Club. We share 15,000,000+ flights a month that will have links directly back to The Hotel Project.

This insures we have very high intent leads browsing the hotels we have on our inventory.

Can we use UTM tracking links?

Absolutely. When we build out your profile we’re happy to add utm tracking link to track user traffic and conversions.

What information do you need about our hotel?

Just general information like contact details, photos, overview details, and property features.


Feel free to drop an email to our support gurus