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Same team. Two great companies.

Fighting Travel FOMO one Solution at a time.The Hotel Project is built and operated by the same great team at Dollar Flight Club. The DFC team is building products everyday that change the way people travel. We're providing 1,000,000+ travelers with modern travel solutions. We want you and everyone you care about to see more of the world and live your best life.

The leaders of The Hotel Project.Our team members have built relationships with hotels directly so you get cheaper room prices, complimentary upgrades, and free unique perks.

Jesse Neugarten


Originally from South Africa, Jesse now calls rainy Seattle, Washington home. Over the years, he’s accrued hundreds of thousands of airline miles traveling the globe. His favorite recent destinations of choice have been Greece, Mexico, France, and Sweden. He’s addicted to airplanes, espresso, and dried mango. Last but not least, he’s deeply in love with the Boeing 747.

Jesse is the Founder here at Dollar Flight Club, overseeing all things flight finding and daily operations.


Kyle Maltz


Kyle’s an adventure loving Seattleite who’s busy skiing or traveling the world when he’s not helping DFC move mountains. His favorite trips have been to Thailand, Turks and Caicos, and Costa Rica. Kyle stays busy connecting us with some of the best brands in the world and working on new ways for DFC to be the best in the business for helping travelers explore more and pay less.

Kyle oversees all things partnerships and business development for Dollar Flight Club.


Kasandra Hadzima


Kasandra first fell in love with travel while on an archaeological dig in Ireland. With degrees in history and archaeology she travels to immerse herself in new cultures and learn about history. She loves exploring new destinations and currently lives in Budapest, Hungary. A few of her favorite things include distant castles, new books, and planning her next adventure.

Kasandra oversees all things Customer Support here at Dollar Flight Club! She also finds flight deals for our United States and European members. If you need a helping hand, let her know!


Hannah Huizenga


Although considered a “Southern Girl”, Hannah now lives in Stockholm, Sweden where she spends her time in different cafes searching for the perfect cappuccino. Her favorite destinations include: Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Costa Rica.

Hannah joined the Dollar Flight Club team in the summer of 2018. She focuses on finding cheap flight deals for members and establishes new partnerships to help grow our audience.


Francisco Navarro


Francisco loves long walks on beaches in Hawaii. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington and is excited about Bitcoin, Ethereum, monster trucks, and cheap flights.

He works as an advisor for Dollar Flight Club and on all things development and infrastructure.


Benjamin Daschel


Ben lives in the Pacific Northwest where he makes sure all the technology behind Dollar Flight Club is running smoothly.

Kyle Murphy


As a Seattle native, Kyle loves spending his time jumping from mountain to mountain to split board with his friends. He’s traveled to Cambodia, China, UK, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Austria, France, Spain, Thailand, Bali… the list goes on!


Majfred Memetaj


Majfred most likely caught the travel bug due to his parents moving from Europe to the United States when he was only 2 years old. Since then, any opportunity to travel was explored. Growing up in Michigan but currently living in New Haven, Connecticut, Majfred enjoys exploring nature and being active. His favorite thing about visiting new countries and cities is seeing their different architectural styles.

Libby Collett

Originally from Canada, Libby currently lives in Madrid, Spain. She has eaten her way through many European countries but her favorite food will always be Italian. If she could be anywhere in the world it would be sitting in a french vineyard drinking rosé with a beautiful cheese board and a side of macaroons. Her next adventure is summiting the highest peak in Europe, Mont Blanc. Wish her luck!


Zach Anderson


Zach is a Jersey Shore native and current digital nomad. He got his first taste of travel during an internship in Thailand and has been hooked on cheap flights, khao soi, and new experiences ever since. As a digital nomad, Zach has spent time in Bali, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia but Thailand is still his home away from home. Zach’s travel must-haves are his Aeropress coffee maker, Chaco sandals, and Bose headphones.

Emmerson Maltz


As a Seattle native, Emmerson loves spending his time chasing balls (and cats) and going on hikes. He’s traveled to Canada for ski trips, California for surf trips, Easter Washingon for rafting… the list goes on!