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Hotel Review: Cavo Tagoo, Mykonos Greece | The Most Instagram Famous Resort Suite in the World

Hotel Review: Cavo Tagoo, Mykonos Greece | The Most Instagram Famous Resort Suite in the World

What it’s like to stay in the most iconic Resort Suite in the World | Cavo Tagoo…or something like that? At the time of writing this article it sure feels like this could be the most trendy resort suite in the world. Fire up Instagram and search your favorite world nomad handles and I’m sure you’ll come across the iconic imagery of the Cave Pool Suite at the Cavo Tagoo Resort in Mykonos Greece. It looks like a luxury suite….in a cave….with a pool…in paradise. Sounds like magic right?! Well turns out it is, and I’ll tell you what it’s like staying 4 days and 3 nights in the most iconic resort suite in the world. 

Let’s start out with all the cards on the table….I got the hook up by Cavo Tagoo, but you know what I didn’t get? The full hookup, so it leaves room for me to give you the unbiased opinion of what it’s really like staying there and surprise surprise it didn’t suck. 

So first of all what brought me to Greece? It was my wifes birthday and she the queen of the castle so she got a Greece trip as a present (lucky girl). I’ve also always wanted to go to Greece because of its beautiful scenery, crystal clear water, white villas. While on the trip I was planning on doing a story on working in a friends villa vs. Airbnb, vs. a 5 star resort, but after the trip all I could think is that’s lame. Give the people what they really want: The inside scoop to one of life’s little instagram miracles. What’s it like, is it worth checking out, was it everything and more?!…the real tough questions. Someone has to do it.  

Been to a Greek island before? No. …No problem. Happy to set the scene: Dry Heat, windy weather, white buildings, blue water, tons of tourists, cigarette smoke (everywhere), and low key house music…oh and it’s paradise. Pretty much sums it up when it comes to Santorini and Mykanos. 

6000 islands in Greece and only 227 of them are inhabited. The pint sized island paradise of Mykanos is the party island… Since coming home I’ve been describing it to my friends and fam as follows:

It’s like the European version of Thailand. All Thai Beach Party but with 100x more rolexes and but the same amount of cigarette smoke (I don’t smoke but apparently I’m missing out?).

Locals feel the same way though. Our Santorini boat captain told us that Mykonos myth was that it was established by the 5 wealthiest greek families who were looking for an island where they could just party and do rich people thangs (you know the things :/). I’d say it was a success. There is more wealth and more party than I’ve ever seen in one spot….Imagine seeing a healthy amount of the biggest private yachts in the world just offshore from the Lindsay Lohans (Queen of Party and Cigarettes) own personal beach club. Yes, this exists and it’s called the Loahn Beach House…Creative name!

The island is littered with wealth, clubs, and beautiful beaches. It’s absolutely stunning in Mykonos and the beaches are incredible. The locals clearly know their clientele and they’ve built everything to meet the needs: Incredible restaurants, relaxing beach huts, private cabanas, awesome day clubs, and cliffside pools. It’s everything and more if that’s what you’re looking for.

Upon our arrival to Mykonos we were picked up by our private driver that our airbnb host had arranged and as he was driving the twists and turns of the cliffside greek road we drove right past Cavo Tagoo and first thought…. Hmm, this isn’t how I pictured it. Not in a bad way, but in the literal sense. I’ve stayed in some very nice spots before and a common theme I’ve noticed with luxury resorts, Privacy, and with privacy often comes removal. Removal from the surrounding of others. But here we were, on a busy road next to the busiest part of the island, Mykanos town. Well days later when we checked in, I realized, that this could be one of the unique benefits of Cavo Tagoo, It’s privacy and luxury but so close to nightlife, transportation, beaches, and fine dining. It’s weakness was a strength. 

When we arrived we were greeted by people dressed like greek servants. Cotton Clothing only. 

This slice of souvlaki is dreamy and unique…if bruce wayne had a fabulous gay cousin, this is where he’d hide-out. Set in the side of the hill and perched above the water you’re getting front row seats to the beautiful Aegean sea. 

This slice of souvlaki is dreamy and unique…if bruce wayne had a fabulous gay cousin, this is where he’d hide-out.

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